Margaux Le Pierrès


Web Design — New Lab

    Created at Hyperakt

New Lab is a facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that fosters innovation in design, prototyping and new manufacturing.

Under Hyperakt leadership, I worked closely with the client to establish a clear content strategy and authentic design for the New Lab website. Our main objective with the design was to capture the energy, talent and innovation of each member of the New Lab community; and highlight New Lab’s essential role as the foundation to this community.

The New Lab mark directly builds off the facility’s structure and design: bold, clean beams that intersect to created geometry. The website design borrows these beams and introduces a play between thin and thick lines.

The layouts use a variety of modular styles: using a system of fixed width and dynamic height to create rhythm and movement down the page. Desaturated washes of blue, taupe and green are used to guide the user through pages and differentiate section.