Margaux Le Pierrès


Consulting & Account Management — Judith & Charles

    Created with—
  • King & Partners
  • Judith & Charles

Judith & Charles is a high-end women’s clothing company based in Montréal. With a previous focus on brick and mortar stores, in 2014, Judith & Charles decided they needed to redefine and enhance their online experience, so that it was parallel to their physical stores.

I was contracted to lead the website redesign and act as the liaison between the design agency and the J&C team. For 8 months, I worked closely with the design agency King&Partners and Judith&Charles through the design process; I oversaw and created website assets, making sure guidelines were being upheld and internal process established; I worked with the development team through QA, merchandised the online lookbook and collections, and prepped the website for launch.

The result was a responsive website that with an easy, seamless checkout process, that integrated all categories of the website to promote easy browsing and product purchases.

"The origin of Judith & Charles is a classic tale of girl meets boy, and another of life’s enduring themes: sometimes great things happen when you least expect them. "