Margaux Le Pierrès


Web design, Content Strategy — Hyperakt

    Created at Hyperakt with—
  • Eric Fensterheim
  • Ambika Roos
  • Deroy Peraza
  • Josh Smith

Hyperakt is a social impact design agency. Over three years, I worked on various internal projects to better define and strengthen the Hyperakt brand, allowing Hyperakt to become a leader in design for the common good.

Over the course of a year, I participated in the brand positioning, content strategy and design of the new Hyperakt website. I supported the lead designer, focusing on the styles and narrative of the casestudy and project pages. Over three weeks, I lead the team that populated over 100 projects, and defined the photography and documentation standards for web and print projects. In tandem, I wrote and designed the ten project casestudies, defining an accessible and casual writing style.

Smart Dummy Copy For Those Who Give A Damn

As a Hyperakt Labs project, I created a lorem-ipsum generator that pulls from our our do-gooder, non profit, humanitarian, designer world. I designed a simple interface that allowed users to fill their comps with compassion in numbers of paragraphs or words; and oversaw development.

Let's Inform and Inspire

With a fresh new company website, I designed new letter-pressed business cards for the Hyperakt crew. Inspired by our activist roots, I created oversized cards that could act as small posters, calling out our brand mission: Let’s inform and inspire.