Margaux Le Pierrès

    Created at Hyperakt with—
  • Josh Smith
  • Wen Ping Huang

Bloomberg Philanthropies encompasses all of the philanthropic work of Michael Bloomberg, focused on initiatives in environment, public health, art, government innovation and education.

The challenge was to design a report put together by Bloomberg Philanthropies that explores the impact of public-private collaborations during the 12 years Bloomberg was in office. Through case studies, the report acts as a guide book for other cities and provides policy advise, practical information and the successes and failures of these example projects.

The solution was to create a system that promoted readability and legibility, and that guided the viewer through the 100+ page report. We accomplished this with a swiss-inspired design. We assigned each section a color and consistently used it in bold illustration, iconography, page borders, headlines and body copy to orient the reader.