Margaux Le Pierrès


Video, Art Direction — Bande des Quatres

    Created with—
  • Christian Mroczka
  • Music: Brian Parker

BDQ is a boutique jewelry line conceived and created by mother-daughter team Erin Wahed and Janis Kerman. Their jewelry combines distinct textures, shape and contrast to create avant-garde pieces, alluding to famous works of architecture, photography, painting and industrial design.

With the launch of their third collection, Bande des Quatres needed a short video for their website homepage. In 30 seconds, the goal was to introduce the new collection in an edgy way, while enforcing the collection’s bold use of shape and contrasting texture. With videographer Christian Mroczka, we shot slow motion black and white video, onto which we layered animated basic shapes to create an immersive, trans-like BDQ experience. The video was then projected at the collection’s presentation at Westway and played, on loop on their website homepage.

We were then asked to create a short-documentary piece to tell the BDQ story. We flew to Montreal to visit the intimate workspace, and captured the detail in goldsmith Janis Kerman’s process.